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Florida Aquaculture Association Newsletter

The Florida Aquaculture Association (FAA) issues a quarterly newsletter as a benefit to members.  For a glimpse of past FAA events, accomplishments, and news, see the newsletter contents listed below and read the "President's Message" on-line:

  • Fall 2015:  What's on Your Bumper?; Congratulations to FAA Scholarship and Aquaculture in the Classroom Grant Recipients; Support FAA's Scholarship and Aquaculture Education Assistance Funds; University of Florida Tropical Aquaculture Lab "Fish Health Management Workshop" Announcement; FOAA Publishes Saltwater Bait and Tackle Economic Survey; 19th Annual UF Fisheries/FWC Tournament at Cedar Key; Division of Aquaculture Fall 2015 Update; FTFFA Coop Store; Cottonseed Offers Potential as Cheaper Aquaculture Feed Source

  • Spring 2015:  FAA Announces Aquaculture in the Classroom Grant Program; What's on Your Bumper?; US Farm-Raised Fish and Shellfish Publications Available for Education and Promotion; Support FAA's Scholarship and Aquaculture Education Assistance Funds; Final Regular Session Legislative Update; Photo Highlights of Aquatic Eco-Systems Water Building Open House

  • Winter 2015:  What's on Your Bumper?; NAA New Staff, New Office Address; Support FAA's Scholarship and Aquaculture Education Assistance Funds; With Wild Stocks of Shrimp Dwindling, Tank Farming is on the Rise

  • Fall 2014:  What's on Your Bumper?; Milton Eugene Evans Sr. (1939 - 2014); Support FAA's Scholarship and Aquaculture Education Assistance Funds; Why Should You Attend the FAA Aquaculture Membership Meeting; Restaurant Goers Love Farm-Raised Fish and Shellfish; University of Florida Tropical Aquaculture Lab Fish Health Management Workshop Announcement

  • Summer 2014:  Division of Aquaculture Moves to New Location; What's on Your Bumper?; Intensive Oyster Workshop DVDs Available; Support FAA's Scholarhship and Aquaculture Education Assistance Funds; Aquaculture Review Council Applied Aquaculture Research and Development Projects 2011 - 2015; New Guide to Help Fish, Shellfish, and Seaweed Growers Manage Risks; University of Florida Tropical Aquaculture Lab Fish Health Management Workshops Announcement

  • Spring 2014:  Division of Aquaculture Moves to New Location; What's on Your Bumper?; FFA Holds Aquaculture Contest; Support FAA's Scholarship and Aquaculture Education Assistance Funds; University of Florida Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory Update and Open House; 10th International Conference on Recirculating Aquaculture; Fish Wildlife Service Amends CITES Regulations - Effective June 26, 2014; Spotlight on Farmer

  • Fall 2013: More Trying Aquaculture Oysters; Why You Should Attend the FAA Annual Membership Meeting; Photo Highlights FAA Aquaponics Workshop; UF Offers Online Course Credits; What's on Your Bumper?

  • Summer 2013: Mark Your Calendar; What's on Your Bumper?; Introduction to Aquaponics Workshop Announcement; Florida FFA Recognizes State Winners in High School Aquaculture CDE; Florida Aquaculture Market Grows to $69 Million; Aquaculture is a Risky Racket . . . ; To Fish, or Not to Fish, That is the Question

  • Spring 2013: Mark Your Calendar; What's on Your Bumper?; Pompano Workshop Scheduled; Rise in Fish Farming Positive for US Soybean Farmers; A Self-Contained Aquaponics System on a Winter Garden Rooftop Shows Big Future; Support FAA's Scholarship and Aquaculture Education Assistance Funds

  • Winter 2013: Mark Your Calendar; What's on Your Bumper?; 2012 Census of Agriculture; Canada Will Begin Enforcement of New Aquatic Animal Import Regulations as of December 2012; Mote Scientist Declared President of Worldwide Aquaculture Organization; Pentair's Aquatic Systems Business Aquires Florida's Aquatic Eco-Systems, Inc.; In Memory:  Hannis Ledbetter Stoddard, Jr.; Cedar Key Everlasting Publication Promotes Shellfish Aquaculture Industry; 2012 Clam Industry Workshop; 2013 Clam Suppliers Lists

  • Fall 2012: 2012 Aquaculture Scholarship and Aquaculture in the Classroom Grant Award Winners; What's on Your Bumper?; Statewide Clam Industry Task Force and Clam Industry Workshop  Announcement; 2012 FAA Ballot; Two Major Farm Issues Stand Before Congress; The Endangered Species Act and Captive Species; 2011 FAA Aquaculture in the Classroom Award Winner: Sickles High School--Aquaponics:  A Demonstration in Water Conservation and Three Crop Yield

  • Summer 2012: Fish Farmer Says Weed Killer Caused Koi Kill; What's on Your Bumper?; Update on Florida Aquaculture Specialty License Plate Funded Research:  HBOI Aquaculture Researchers Seek Sustainability for Florida Farmers with a new System Design; Photo Highlights of FAA-NAA Business Management & Marketing Conference; Industry News:  Latest Aquaculture Farming Focuses on Dolphin; As Mercury Affects Fish in Waters, Florida Officials Grapple; Report:  US Aquaculture to Continue to Grow

  • Spring 2012: What's on Your Bumper?; Southwest Florida Agricultural Water Update Meeting; Eight Species of Wild Fish Have Been Detected in Aquaculture Feed; FAA-NAA-USB Aquaculture Business Management and Marketing Workshop; Industry News:  FY 2012 - 2013 Aquaculture Research Projects, 2012 Legislative Session Highlights Affecting Aquaculture, FFA Aquaculture Career Development, Florida Aquaculture Plan for 2012 - 2013 Finalized; Aquaculture Review Council Invites Aquaculture Projects; Stocking Largemouth Bass?  Make Sure They're Legal
  • Winter 2012: What's on Your Bumper?; Aquaculture Review Council Meets in Ruskin; Wildlife Services; Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Office of Agricultural Water Policy

  • Fall 2011: Largest US Foodservice Distributor Commits to Sustainable Seafood; What's on Your Bumper?; Public R&D Role Declines in US Aquaculture Community; Industry Update Meeting:  New Canadian Aquatic Animal Health Regulations for Imports of Susceptible Species; Support FAA's Scholarship and Aquaculture Education Assistance Funds; Captive Breeding Could Transform the Saltwater Aquarium Trade and Save Coral Reefs, Biologists Say; Coming Events; Fish Health Management Workshop

  • Summer 2011: San Francisco Mills Tropical Fish Sales Ban; What's on Your Bumper?; 2011 Florida Legislative Wrap-Up:  Florida Aquaculture Association; Support FAA's Scholarship and Aquaculture Education Assistance Funds; FTFFA Coop Store; The Resolve to Be Organized
  • Winter 2011:  New Draft of National Aquaculture Policy Released; In Memory of Donald William Bryne;  What's on Your Bumper?; Farmers are Reminded that the Sign Up Period for Supplemental Revenue Assistance Payments for 2009 Has Opened; MSF to Host the 2011 Florida Aquaponic Conference; New Canadian Import Regulations in the Works; Clam Culture Industry Workshop:  A "Mixed Bag" of Applied Research Projects (Focus on the Potential of Sunray Venus Culture and Marketability, Updates on Other Research Projects); FAA Board of Directors Volunteers Needed
  • Winter 2010:  Frank H. Hoff, Jr. (1938 - 2010); What's on Your Bumper?;  Volunteers Needed; Legislative Review--EPA's Proposed Nutrient Criteria, Budget Sparks Fly, Working Waterfronts, Springs Protection High-Profiled; Fish Meal Numbers; Farmers Asked to Stop Selling Island and Channeled Apple Snails; Aquaculture and the Law; FDA Backs Down on Raw Oyster Closure; UF Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory Spring 2010 Workshops Scheduled
  • Summer 2009:  FDA Announcement (Ovaprim); FFA Aquaculture Competition Big Success; Photo Highlights from the March 17, 2009, Legislative Reception in Tallahassee; Florida Aquaculture Association 2009 Legislative Session Highlights; An Expert's Guide to Discounting
  • Winter 2009:  Florida Agriculture Literacy Day Set for March 24; Eugenie Clark Scientific Explorers Award Presented to Mote's Scientific Leaders; Aquaculture Park on the Mend--Repairs Slated for Completion in May; Fish to be Rebranded as "Sea Kittens"; In Memoriam--Robert C. "Bob" Heideman; Florida Marine Science Educators Association Conference (FMSEA 2009:  Education and Research Schooling Together); Fish Tales (Learn How to Navigate the Oft-Murky Waters of Farmed, Sustainable; and Organic Aquaculture)
  • Fall 2008:  Researchers Confirm Theory on Red Tide Algae Toxins; Supplemental Agriculture Disaster Programs Included in the Farm Bill; Proposed Florida Constitutional Amendments--Amendment 6; In Memoriam--Daniel R. Leonard; Support the Daniel Leonard Scholarship Program
  • Summer 2008:  Scholarship Awards Available; Fresh from Florida Program Reap the Benefits; FAA / FTFFA Legislative Update; FDA Approves Antimicrobial for Two New Aquaculture Indications; Big Changes Announced for NAA; From Fish Farm to Fuel
  • Spring 2008:  Mark Your Calendar for the Taste of Aquaculture; Agriculture on Decline in Florida--Increasing Age of Farmers Tempts Many to Grab Off Developer's Bucks; Scholarships Available; State Ag Chief Bronson:  Let's Pay Farmers
  • Fall 2007:  Notice of Annual Membership Meeting; Suzanne Rawlins Wins Aquaculture Proficiency Award; Help Save the Lab--Immediate Action Required!; Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory (TAL) Funds; Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory Calendar of Events 2007; Florida Aquaculture Association Scholarship Application and Requirements; Farmers Can Take the Heat, But . . . ; Bryans Find New Victoria spp. Water Lily in Brazil; Why You Should Attend the FAA Annual Meeting; Resignation Letter of Longtime Director Dugan Whiteside
  • Winter 2007:  FDACS Division of Aquaculture Establishes Apple Snail Task Force; FDACS Bureau of Seafood and Aquaculture Marketing Awarding Incentive Money; Department of Revenue Rule Concerning Tax Exemption for Powered Farm Equipment; Right to Fact Act Strengthened; Seafood Festivals Make a Splash; What's On Your Bumper?; Funds Available for Species Preservation; Albert Greenberg Named to 2006 Florida Agriculture Hall of Fame; 2005 Florida Aquaculture Survey Released
  • Summer 2006:  Legislative Update; Book Review; University of Florida Tropical Aquaculture 2006 Calendar of Events; Clam Farming Task Force Focuses on Issues; Aquaculture Puts the "Wild" in Wildwood Middle School; Aquaculture Specialty License Tag: What's on Your Bumper?; CVM Update: Reminder to Aquaculture Producers About the Use of Formaldehyde; New Web Site Tracks Fuel Costs; Mark Your Calendars and Plan to Attend the FAA 2006 Fall Conference
  • Winter 2006:  Legislative Alert; Tech Corner; University of Florida Tropical Aquaculture 2006 Calendar of Events; Verify Social Security Numbers Online; Make It Known: US Aquaculture Counts!; 2005 Hurricanes Cause $8 Million in Damages to South Florida Aquaculture; Do Fish Farmers Undervalue Their Work?; Florida Aquatic Animal Health Program (FLAAHP); 12 Grade-A Ways to Build a Nest Egg for Retirement; Emergency ICE  
  • Summer 2005:  Sales Tax Exemption; Officials Add Up South Florida Losses; Alligator Carcasses Could Be Used in Skin-Care Products; Massachusetts Red Tide Closes Federal Waters; A True Survivor; Legislative Session Wrap-Up 2005; Prominent Florida Aquaculturists Recognized; Tyler Helms is State Winner in the FFA Aquaculture Proficiency Award; NAP Coverage; International Boston Seafood Show; We Hear It Caused Quite a Flap
  • Spring 2005:  In Memoriam of Sandy Young; Florida Aquaculture Auto Tag Now Available; Florida Aquatic Farmers in the News; An Overview of Mote Marine Laboratory Aquaculture Park; Ocean Fish Farming in Federal Waters; New Source of Larvae Could Make Large-Scale Lobster Farms Feasible; Fish May Now Be Shipped Without Water; 2005-06 Florida Aquaculture Plan Available on the Web; New Chair Appointed at the UF/IFAS Department of Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences
  • Winter 2005 Revised Guide to Drug, Vaccine, and Pesticide Use in Aquaculture Now Available; PETA Has New Hook:  Let Fish Swim, Not Fry; USDA Requires Country of Origin Labeling for Fish, Shellfish; US Seafood Consumption Reaches Record Level; HBOI Hurricane Damage Update; Air Carriers See Turbulence Ahead; World's Tiniest Fish; Water Expert:  Cooperate--Or Risk Losing It; US is Set to Impose Shrimp Tariffs
  • Fall 2004:  Florida Farm Bureau News; Sex Secrets of Sea Creatures May Benefit Aquaculture; 2004 Annual Conference Schedule; MUMS Passes; 2002 Census of Agriculture Aquaculture Summary; Programs to Assist Producers
  • Summer 2004 2004 Annual Conference Schedule; New Hire Reporting in Florida; Legislative Update; Sustainable Seafood:  Florida Aquaculture Center Seeing Success with Cobia; Aquaculture Approved for Organic Designation; Determined to Halt Fish Fry, Betta Extinguishes Blaze; Aquatic Plant Update
  • Winter 2004:  Biotechnology and Aquaculture; Disease or Pest Reporting is Required; Mandatory Labeling; Bi-annual Aquaculture Survey Under Way; Update on Spring Viremia of Carp (SVC) and Koi Herpes Virus (KHV);  Struggling US Shrimpers File Antidumping Petition; BMP Notes; 2004 Legislative Update
  • June 2003:  Industry News; Tax Tip; FAA Member Wins Award; Florida Represented at USDA Workshop; ARC Seeks Your Input; Aquaculture Gumbo Recipe; USDA Announces Additional Disaster Loss Programs; USDA-APHIS-VS Hires Aquaculture Veterinarian Kathy Hughes for Florida; Spring Viremia of Carp Update; Friends of Agriculture; USDA Announces $44 Million in Grants for Renewable Energy Initiatives
  • February 2003: Tropical Fish Lost on Columbia Shuttle Disaster; Industry News; Call to Action:  2003 Budget Cuts Threaten Division of Aquaculture; Fact Sheet Regarding Florida Aquaculture; Photo Highlights of FAA Fall Conference
  • April 2002:  Invasive Species Plan in the Works; Juvenile Fish Facts: National Aquaculture Association (NAA) in Action; Aquaculturists Cry PU at Pew Report; John R. MacMillan's Keynote Address at the WAS-NAA Annual Meeting; 2002 Legislative Update
  • December 2001:  National Aquaculture Association Activities; Legislative Update; HCC's Aquaculture Program Doubles; Aquaculture and Fisheries Statistics; We Need Shellfish Farming; OceanBoy Farms; News You Might Never Use; FFA Aquaculture Proficiency Award Winners; More Environmental Stuff; State Agencies Work on Invasive Species Plan
  • June 2001:  Fishery, Aquaculture, and Marine Mammal Online News and Information Sources; NAA is Working for You; Hillsborough Community College News Splash; Internet Newsletter; Aquaculture Outlook; And For More Pet Fish News . . .; Environmentalism is Big Busine$$; A Solution Might be Aqua-Media; So Just Eat More, More, and Even More Fish; 2001 Legislative Reception in Tallahassee Photos; Final FAA 2001 Legislative Report; Marvels of Science; Juvenile Fish Facts; Burris Comes to Florida
  • March 2001 Legislative Community Budget Issue Requests; Supermarket Seafood Changes; ARC News; So What About This Fish Meal Debate?; Aquaculture's True Impact on Wild Fish:  Industry is Using Alternative Protein Sources; Sturgeon News; Aquaculture Display at the 2001 Florida State Fair Photos
  • December 2000:  Legislative Update; What's Going on in Washington?; Sturgeon Changes Proposed; Tropical Fish Marketing; BMP Seminars; New NAA Policy:  Aquaculture Research; HBOI Partners with USDA; More Organic Aquaculture; Baby Fish Facts
  • July 2000 FAA Final Legislative Report; Fun Stuff; Progress on Strep; Where Does Florida Rank?; Legislative Reception Photos; Aquaculture and the Environment; SRAC News; NADA Annual Report; Division of Aquaculture; Records Set for Seafood Imports in 1999; Sturgeon Culture Risk Assessment Workshop Provides Valuable Information; State Labs Require USDA Certification; Is a Very Finely Split Hair
  • April 2000:  USDA Aquaculture Outlook; More Census of Aquaculture 1998; Useful Stuff; Federal Animal Transportation Bill; USDA Developing Organic Standards; NAA:  MUMS Proposed Legislation Moves Forward; Annual Meeting Around the Corner; Marketing and Shipping Live Aquatic Products; HBOI Shrimp Report
  • January 2000:  1999 Consumer Food Safety Survey; News for Youse; NADA News; Aquaculture Funding Requests; Legislative Update; DACS Division of Aquaculture; Legislative Reception Set; Shrimp Funding News; A New Look at Agriculture; What is a TMDL?; Florida FIRST; Pet News; Ag Land Values; 1999 Secretary of Agriculture's Honor Award; Fun Facts; Aquaculture Certificate of Registration; Aquaculture BMPs; So Where's the Bureau of Seafood and Aquaculture?


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