About the Industry


Florida has a unique and diverse aquaculture industry which includes the culture of tropical ornamental fish, aquatic plants, clams, shrimp, alligators, tilapia, catfish, live rock, and other assorted aquatic animals.

  • In 2003, Florida aquaculture producers reported $95.5 million in farm-gate sales, of which 49.4% ($47.2 million) was the sale of tropical fish, 21.4% ($20.4 million) aquatic plants, and 13.6% ($13 million) clams and oysters (USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service 2004).
  • For the complete survey of Florida aquaculture sales in 2003, visit the the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. A survey of Florida’s 2005 farm-gate aquaculture sales is due out in the summer of 2006.