Aquaculture Industry Certification

The aquaculture certification is awarded to individuals who have completed either: Aquaculture 2 and 75% of Aquaculture 3 at the high school level or 2) Have worked on an aquaculture farm and has over 300 hours of verifiable work experience. The exam is 100 questions and you are given 100 minutes to complete the exam.  The passing score of 70% must be met in order to receive the certification. Upon passing the exam, the FAA will verify all passing scores, and will send out confirmation of your score as well as mail a certificate for each passing recipient.
Exam will cost $95.00 per exam and $50.00 to retake up to three times. After the third time, student must complete an explanation statement to eligible for a retake.

Registering for the Exam

When looking to register for the exam, you must complete our contact form and from there we will send you an invoice for the total number of exams you are requesting credits for. Once payment has been received, a link will be sent to the designated proctor and the link will be active for two weeks. At this time, we ask you not buy exam credits more than two weeks in advance.


Standards for the Exam

All questions for the exam are based off both industry input as well as Florida’s CTE benchmarks for the courses Aquaculture 2 and 3. Each standard that is covered in the exam will be mentioned in the study guide.


All reference material for the exam is based on publicly available documents that have been reviewed and published in one of the three reference websites:
University of Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory
Southern Regional Aquaculture Center
Aquaculture Best Management Practices
Aquaculture Educator Resources

Study Guide

Download Study Guide

This study guide is currently being used to aid teacher and industry personnel in effectively preparing for the exam. The study guide includes specific standards being taught, reference materials for each standard and well as a weight of the standard. Along with the study guide, there will be training sessions for teachers to attend during the summer of 2016 in order to obtain extra materials for references as well as lesson plans, tests, lab activities and more. Dates and times of these are TBA and will be sent out as soon as the dates are known.

Practice Test

We have uploaded a practice for your use. There are unlimited uses and no time limit.
Practice test


Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the exam, registration process, or any other matter, please contact us at: