Certification FAQ

What is the Florida Aquaculture Industry Certification?

The Florida Aquaculture Industry Certification is an entry level certification into the aquaculture industry.

What is the Aquaculture certification trying to accomplish?

The primary goal of the certification is to create a better prepared laborers to work in aquaculture related fields.

Why do we need this?

This certification can helpĀ in many different ways:

  1. It creates a unified vision of Florida aquaculture and the initiative to improve job seekers skills
  2. It will generate more interest is high schools around the state to add the Aquaculture courses.
  3. In turn, it will generate more interest into the industry and hopefully increase the need for such programs.

What does the certification cost and who will receive the money?

The certification will cost 95.00 for the initial test and 50.00 for any retakes up to three times. After the third time, the student will have to wait a period of thirty days.

What are the requirements to take this certification?

Currently the certification is being built upon the FL DOE standards for the courses Aquaculture 2 and 3 coupled with work experience. For industry personnel, you will need a minimum of 300 hours of verifiable work experience on a aquaculture farm in order to qualify to take the certification.

How will the exam be given?

Right now the most efficient way to give that exam is through an online examination platform.

What are some of the ramifications of not pursuing an aquaculture industry certification?

Loss of the Aquaculture courses at the state level.

Lack of job skills needed to perform everyday aquaculture tasks

This can lead to higher worker turnover, low job satisfaction and loss of profits.