26 Oct

FAA Annual Meeting

10:00 AM – FAA Board and Membership Meeting

Election of Officers and Committee Reports

12:00 PM – Lunch – HBOI @ FAU Café . Dutch Treat

1:15 PM – Tour of HBOI Research Facilities. From seaweed to fish, Florida Atlantic University’s Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute has led the way in advancing aquaculture in Florida, the United States and internationally. Strategic research goals of Harbor Branch’s aquaculture team include: increase the supply of nutritious; safe and high-quality domestic seafood; improve production efficiency; increase seed stock availability; develop novel feeds; improve aquatic animal health; create a skilled workforce and enhance technology transfer. Visit our web site at http://www.fau.edu/hboi/aquaculture/.

2: 15 PM – Tour of ORA aka Oceans, Reefs & Aquariums recognized as the largest marine ornamental aquaculture facility in the US. ORA produces some of the most recognizable and beloved corals in the hobby, ORA has also contributed over 120 different aquacultured species and varieties of clownfish, dottybacks, gobies, filefish and even sharks to marine aquarists and public aquariums worldwide. The tour will visit the packing/shipping facility where items are housed prior to shipment.


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